What are SMS Flows…

...and why are we dedicating an ebook to them?

Nowadays, an increasing number of consumers opt in for the convenience of shopping on their mobile devices, and we anticipate that mobile will soon become the preferred way to shop.

growth of mobile commerce
 naturally sprung the adoption growth of mobile-first communication channels like SMS. Today, 75% of consumers prefer to receive updates from their favorite stores via text messages. SMS is quick, easy and direct! Not to mention - easily accessible and read within 3 minutes.

In general, the 
eCommerce boom and the rising competition made it more important for brands to provide always-on, personalized experiences for their customers.

And this is where 
SMSBump’s Flows come into play.

Flows allow brands to create entire customer journeys via SMS, based on factual data, such as personal interests and product preferences, demographic and other traits, and more. They ensure customers are going down the most relevant path for them, providing a personalized experience round-the-clock. Flows empower D2C businesses to maximize customer engagement across the shopper journey, and in turn - maximize the sales effectiveness of SMS.

All of this comprises the main purpose of every SMS Flow: to enable your brand to deliver 
highly targeted and tailored text messages on autopilot
 and leverage SMS into becoming a top revenue source.

This ebook will give you precise strategies your brand can adopt to automate purchase sequences to promote more sales, reduce churn, establish a stronger connection with customers and nurture existing relationships to increase customer lifetime value

We will show you elaborate SMS Flows templates that you can enable right away and start rolling out results.

But before we get into this, let’s answer a very important question.

Why should I use SMS Flows?

main function of SMS Flows is to create a sequence of automated actions based upon different triggers, covering the entire sales funnel. This way, instead of having multiple automated events for different occasions (i.e. - regular automations), you can combine everything into one carefully thought-out flow, thus executing a much longer part of the customer journey all at once.

With over 
20 different triggers
, you can build a variety of out-of-the-box flows, based on different events, like cart abandonment, order completion, customer inactivity, loyalty updates and more. Being fully automated, Flows are super responsive and will launch any time a subscriber meets the trigger you’ve set out to activate the particular flow, giving you the option to set them once and simply iterate them over time to ensure they perform at their best.

Thanks to the additional conditions and actions you have available, your flows can be fully customized, enabling you to take a much deeper dive into 
audience segmentation, targeting and message timing
 to optimize offers, boost reach, maximize profits and ultimately - arrive at the strongest message for each customer.

Flows help brands send shoppers down the path that’s right for them based on the messages they want to receive. Your flows can assume many different roles and be your customers’ personal shopping assistant, advisor, even their educator and supporter, depending on their reasoning to be interacting with your brand.

Flows make it possible for your brand to bring the interactions with each shopper to a much more conversational level, giving them the feel of a one-on-one, tailored experience. Like the one they’d normally expect to receive at a physical retail store. And giving you a peace of mind that all your subscribers are well taken care of, even when you are not looking.  

These are just some of the reasons why you should leverage Flows as part of your SMS marketing.

Let’s see what are some of the most effective strategies you can use to make the most out of each flow.

1. Flows make communication personalized

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Maximize Sales with SMS Flows

Strategies and Best Practices

Flows generate a 4 times higher return on investment than any other SMS campaign. 

"SMS Flows allow you to build out more complex and highly targeted campaigns. Getting in front of the right customer, at the right time, with the right product is super important to grow your company. This year to date, our flows are sitting at a 35x ROI. The results have been phenomenal!"

Bishoi Khella, co-founder