With the growing number of online businesses, shoppers are naturally more eager to explore different brands and are becoming less brand loyal, leaving behind an unparalleled amount of abandoned orders.

4. Flows retain customers and boost sales

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Flows reduce cart and browse abandonment

97% of first-time visitors will leave your store without making a purchase. Over 75% of consumers will abandon their order right before they checkout.

Using conditions to determine if the abandoned order is of high or low value, or if the customer who left it behind is loyal or not, will help you come up with a converting message copy that has a rich personality, a strong CTA, and offers just the right incentive.

Despite your best efforts to get people to visit your site and provide them with the most relevant product suggestions and offers, over ¾ of your visitors will just churn, leaving their cart behind or not getting to that point at all.

Enabling an 
Abandoned cart flow will bring you one step closer to solving the issue for your business. 

Over 33% of abandoned carts are recovered using SMS Abandonment Flow.

Tailor discounts based on your store’s AOV to ensure you are not working with very large margins, thus losing valuable revenue.

Brands that have a “high value vs. low value” 2-step abandoned cart sequence report conversion rates of above 45%, some reach as high as 80%.

Abandoned carts, while unpleasant, are still a subject to recovery. A growing issue are shoppers who are just looking around at your store.

For those shoppers who never even place anything in their cart, you have the special 
Browse abandonment flow. When enabled, the flow identifies your SMS subscribers once they visit your store, and traces their journey throughout the pages. In case they leave without making a purchase, they will receive a notification that the item they viewed last is still waiting for them, accompanied with a discount per your decision.

Strategies to maximize sales with SMS Flows 

Tips for best results:

Multi-step messages generate 2x ROI, so we recommend you set up a two-step sequence of abandoned cart reminders: one sent after 1 hour and a second notification launched after 1 day.

Use order-related filters to refine your flow and make sure your best deals and message content go towards customers of higher value to your store. 

Attach images of the abandoned products to entice customers to return. Targeting them with an MMS, which has a 15% higher engagement rate than the average SMS, will increase your chances of recovery.

Tips for best results:

Send a reminder 30 minutes after the shopper leaves the store. Pair it with a discount or free shipping to more easily convince them to return.

Make sure to add verbiage that will boost their FOMO and will get them to act urgently. Expressions like “it’s a hot item”, “don’t miss out on our limited-time deal” etc. will do wonders.

Customers who bounce off of your website so early in the shopping process probably didn’t find what they were looking for or faced an issue that made them leave. Let them know they can always reach out to you if they are experiencing any troubles or have questions. And all they need to do is simply respond to the message. 

Contacting shoppers literally minutes after they’ve hit the “Exit” button, will make converting them easier, as they are most likely still in the mood to shop. Additionally, doing so straight on their phone will also contribute to your success, as you’d be leveraging the 98% open rate of SMS. And a small (timely!) nudge like that will do miracles.

Besides great for re-activation campaigns, like recovering carts or greeting a new subscriber, Flows can just as well be your ally when it comes to proactively engaging with customers, 
aiming to give your sales a boost, but also increase customer lifetime value